How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Door Magnets

January 19, 2022

How To Install Kitchen Cabinet Door Magnets. Position the magnetic base on the lower cabinet area. It should be much easier.

How to install catch to close doors YouTube
How to install catch to close doors YouTube from

For old cabinets, it's simply a matter of removing the old latch and install the new magnetic latch. Stick the matched pair magnet to the first magnet on the door. Now the two magnets are stuck on the door, with the adhesive backing of one exposed.

Another Way To Weaken The Magnets On Your Cabinet Door Is To Use Some Tape.

Reposition the magnetic portion of the latch on the frame, aligning the screw holes and pilot holes. Insert the screw into the catch, and use the power drill to fasten it inside the cabinet door. Put the latch on the cabinet side and use a screwdriver to put the screws in place.

The Second Part Of The Latch Should Be Attached To The Corresponding Spot On The Cabinet.

Start drilling pilot holes on your pencil marks. Place the striker against the inside of the cabinet door, and position it so it is directly across from the magnet when the door is closed. Peel away its adhesive backer.

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After Aligning The Magnetic Base To The Front Edge Of Your Lower Cabinet Shelf, Mark The Mounting Holes With A Pencil.

Magnetic door closers are also effective. Peel away it's backer so that the sticky adhesive is exposed. Secure the catch back onto the cabinet face.

Hold The Magnet Inside The Cabinet Opening With The Base Pressed Against The Face Rail You Will Attach It To.

These are usually attached to the top corner of the door on the opposite side from the hinges. Our 10 cabinet door catches review: The first thing i do after having familiarised myself with the drawing is find the lowest part of the room.

Place The Magnet Back Into The Catch And Secure With The Set Screw.

Install the latch on the cabinet door and tighten the screws to check for proper play when the cabinet door meets the cabinet. Slide the magnet up and down along the face rail to locate a spot that is. Place the magnet part on the casework at the edge of the door opening, placing the end contacting the striker plate flush with the edge of the opening.

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